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Ethne and Claude Scott


You are warmly invited to an audio-visual PRESENTATION by the group from the GLAVEN VALLEY who visited Rwanda earlier this year.

Find out what we did and how we used the money you generously gave us for the benefit of people living in a very poor region of Rwanda

Rwanda April 2017

SUNDAY 30TH APRIL at 7 00pm


Aquafilters for Rwanda and Congo

 A follow up trip to Rwanda took place in January 2016

                    IMG_5938                 Rowanda 2

One water filter provides fresh drinking water for 500 people

     Rwanda 1     Rwanda 3

We take this opportunity to say a very big ‘thank you’ to all those who gave so generously towards the purchase of these water filters. So much money came in that we were actually able to take 9 boxes out with us, enough to provide safe drinking water to over 5000 people. Three boxes were given to 2 Anglican Dioceses in Rwanda and six to pastors we know in the Congo. In every case, they were given directly to people who know how to use them and where to place them for maximum benefit.